Dart Audio Video Enterprises

Our People


     We are a group of Christians from all over the country. We all have different specialties, and a desire to use our various skills to help promote God's church.

     These individuals all have their our own businesses and make up a pool of specialists that I can call on in order to meet the needs of each individual church according to what the goals of their ministry might be.  We have a driving desire to help God's church grow. We want to use our tallents to help you realize your vision and embrace the possibilities that multimedia has for your ministry.

     We work with small and large churches of all denominations. If you have the goal of integrating audio, computers, projection and/or video into your worship. Or if you want to use these multimedia resources to reach out into your comunity, to bring new families and youth into your church and get them involved, or to reach out to an even larger audience, we are dedicated to helping you get to where God is leading you and your ministry.




    Tim Dart

     is the owner of Dart Audio Video Enterprises. Tim got his start in the audio field by attending the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Founded in 1971,the workshop has been training professionals for the audio recording industry for over 35 years.

     Tim began his carreer by doing live sound for many local bands. He also spent time honing his recording skills. Over time he aquired his own sound system and now provides live sound for many nationally touring blues bands when they come through our area. These groups include such names as: Roomful of Blues, Curtis Salgado, Nick Moss and The Flip Tops, Albert Castiglia, Tinsley Ellis, Anthony Gomes, Joe Lewis Walker, Motor City Josh, Eddie Shaw,  Eddie Vaan Shaw Jr., Bryan Lee, and Watermelon Slim just to mention a few.

     Tim has attended training seminars with major audio manufacturers such as Electro Voice.

     For several years he has recorded the speakers and some of the bands at Creationfest, a week long Christian event in Pennsylvania.

     In 2007, Tim helped bring a contemporary Christian band called Life Blood from South Africa to the US for a dozen engagements covering West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York State.

     Eight years ago he saw a need, and felt a calling, so he started designing and installing sound systems in churches. Over the years his business has branched into the full spectrum of multimedia for churches. Since his specialty is in the audio field, he has associated himself with specialists in video, projection, computers, lighting, installation and woodworking. Through his company, his goal is to meet any multimedia needs that a church might have. 

     Tim puts a lot of emphasis on the need for the proper training of church personnel in the use of all equipment that gets installed.



Pastor Chuck Park 

     Chuck is our go to guy when it comes to anything to do with computers. His experience spans many years. He builds and sells computers that are designed to meet the special requirements of worship and also for audio/video capture and editing. He is familliar with all major software used for the previous mentioned applications and can help lead you toward the software that best suites your tallents and needs.

     Through his company, Trinity Technologies LLP, he is a valuable source for a lot of the multimedia equipment that we use in our installations these days. His passion and dedication to bring technology to God's church makes him an indispensible asset to us all.

     Check him out at    http://www.trinitytechnologiesllp.com/          Email: sales@trinitytechnologiesllp.com


Ted Wilson

     Ted is one of our lead installers. Ted had an early background in construction and remodelling, followed by several years working in the building materials, tools and hardware supply business. In his spare time he has become an accomplished woodworker and cabinetmaker. He has been working with us on installations for several years now and his knowledge of construction techniques, tools and fasteners gives him the ability to meet the challenges that we run into when running audio, video, projection and computer wiring. It also gives him the ability to meet any challenge in hanging speakers, projectors and cameras.

     His woodworking skills allow us to bring another aspect to the table with custom a/v equipment desks and cabinets to fit the architecture of any sanctuary.

    Check him out at     http://tedswoodworking.synthasite.com/         


 Jeffrey Barr

Professional Lighting Designer/Director of Photography

Professional Affiliations:   Director of Photography, IA 600 ; NABET Local #53 ; American Society of Lighting Designers

Awards: 3 EMMY nominations

Series: Drama/Comedy/Daytime Drama:  Hallmark Christmas Musical Drama, The Major, All About Us, General Hospital, Martin Short Show, Santa Barbara, Stand by Your Man, Days of Our Lives, We Got It Made, Saved By the Bell, Punky Brewster, California Dreams, Bennet Brothers, Big Brother Jake, Sara, Throb, Hang Time, Malibu Ca., S.C.T.V. Network, One World, USA High, The Mayor

 Reality: Clash of the Choirs, Nickelodeon's Queen Bees, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, Bravo's Reality All-Star Reunion, Gay Straight or Taken, Biggest Loser, MTV’s Real World

Talk/News/Variety:  NBC's The Challenge with Fred Rogan, David Frost, Entertainment Report, Goodnight America, The Byron Allen Show, Life Style Magazine, Wil Shriner Show, Donahue, Into The Night, Good Morning America-LA, Regis and Kathie Lee-LA, Bloopers, People’s Court, The Reporters, Amazing America, Soul Train

Game Shows:  Hollywood Squares, Wheel of Fortune, Let’s Make A Deal, Pitfall, Scrabble, Sale of the Century, Password, Word Play

Children’s Programs:  The Elephant Show - Sharon Lewis, Kid’s Inc., Lambchop Play Along

Specials: Victory Outreach World Conference, Victory Outreach Womens Convention, Victory Outreach Mens Convention, Victory Outreach Youth Convention, NBC 60th Anniversary Special, Dick Clark Bloopers, Phoenix Landing (Discovery Channel), Variety Club Telethon,  Rose Bowl Parade, U-Know Awards, Long John Baldry Concert, The Band in Concert, Jefferson Starship Concert, Yes - Virginia Telethon, Variety Telethon

Facilities/News:  Cottonwood Christian Center, CCTV (Beijing, China), Mailbu Vineyard Theatre, KSEE Channel 24 News, California Fashion News,  Space Biosphere (Oracle Arizona), Weather Central (Wisconsin), CKVU Studios (Vancouver), CITY-TV (Toronto), Panorama Studios (Vancouver),  CTV - CFPL News Set, KNBC News Set, NBC Nightly News,  WKOW News (Wisconsin),  Global Network National News (Toronto), CFPL News (Ontario)

Industrials/Commercials:   Porsche, Land Rover/L.A. Auto Show, Nova Oil Co., Lite Panels, UTU Schools, Hoover Infommercial,  BMW Auto Show, Range Rover, Sandwichmaker, Ronco, Various Stan Jacobs Productions Infommercials, James Hardy Siding

Feature Films/Movies/Hi Def:  The Tom Campbell Story, Jail Break (pilot), Sweet Friggin Daisies, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Contact Jeff at  lightbarr@worldnet.att.net