Dart Audio Video Enterprises

       Multimedia Design        It's as individual as every church is unique.


     We have specialists in various fields so that we can design a system to fit whatever needs you have. It doesn't matter if your church is in an existing building or if you are in the planning stage, we can help. 

     Our specialists are more than happy to work with architects and contractors. If you are in the planning stage, it is the best time to figure out what you want to do and integrate it into the design process.  By getting involved early, we can work with the architect so that (audio, video and computer) wiring, electrical power runs and support substructures for the mounting of speakers, lighting and projectors are in proper placement from the start. 

      Once you get into lighting for video, and projection there are considerations that your architect may not be aware of if he/she has never worked with multimedia before. For instance, with projection you have to make sure that while properly lighting the sanctuary and stage, you don't light up your screen area. This can make the best image look dull or even wash it out altogether. Once you know type, quantity and placement for projectors and stage lighting, then your architect will have the information he/she needs to use architectural design to make these products blend into the ceiling so that they are as hidden from view as possible, yet functional and accessible.