Dart Audio Video Enterprises

 Professional Installation   

Makes all the difference!

     When it comes to installing multimedia equipment and the required wiring that goes with it, it pays to let knowledgable installers do the work for you. We have worked with all the varied types of wiring that are required for any type of installation. Our installers have years of experience on the construction and remodeling trades before getting into installations. Because of doing installations in so many churches around the country, and in every type of building possible, they understand the unique problems of these installations and how to deal with them.

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         Hanging projectors and screens often means working up high and on uneven surfaces. Projectors and screens have to be installed at exact distances and aligned properly in order to get the picture the right size for the screen and in focus. An understanding of construction loads and fastener types is required in order to make sure that the installation is safe. Our installers have this knowledge and are insured for your benefit and theirs. 


              Hanging speakers also takes an intimate knowledge of working and structural loads along with a         

 knowledge of all types of fasteners. Every situation is different, and every sanctuary is unique. Things such as asthetics as well as placement for proper sound dispersal have to be taken into account, then proper planning to see that the speakers are hung so that they will stay in place. Whether it means hanging them from a ceiling or mounting them to walls, they have to stay in place.

     Dual projectors and Electovoice speakers were hung from the ceiling of this sanctuary.  AT 50 lbs each, care must be taken to ensure that these speakers are properly supported. 

     Here is another pair of the same zx5 Electrovoice speakers being prepared to be hung. These were going up as individual units, as opposed to the paired cluster in the other picture.