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     It doesn't matter if you are recording to DVDs or to a computer. It makes no difference if you are selling your DVDs to your own congregation, sending them out to local tv or sending it out over the internet, the following still applies  You need a good recording to edit. Quality means everything. It takes a lot to get your recordings to look professional. It is a combination of good sound mixing, good lighting, good camera work, good pre and post production. Even though that sounds like a lot to take care of, it really isn't. You have to take each part separately.

     First you start with good sound equipment and you train your personnel properly.

     Then you set up proper lighting. If your stage lighting is properly designed and set up before you start recording, you won't have any problems.

     Then you train your camera personnel in how to shoot and follow. Everything from here on depends on what system and equipment you are using. If you have one person controlling several remote cameras, or you have several camerapersons, it all boils down to how well they are trained.

    Pre production planning and coordination gets the camera shots that you need for post production editing. Now it all boils down again to training.

     Every step of the way , it starts with quality equipment , and then its all about the training. That's why we put so much importance in training. If your personnel can't properly use the equipment that we install, then we have failed in our mission.  

     We have the professionals to design and install all the systems you need, and train your people right.