Dart Audio Video Enterprises

 The Internet: Gateway to the World 


      Do you want to get your message out of your door and to the world beyond. Then the internet is a great way to reach out. There are so many ways to use the internet to reach out to others.

     By creating a simple website for your church, you can post pictures of people and events as well as news of upcoming events. This is a great way to keep in touch with family members that have moved away. It's also a great way to reach out to shutins. And you may even find new supporters that like what they see and hear, and yet live too far away to be active at the church. By listing fundraising events and explaining what the money is to go for, you may even get contributions from people outside of your church and even your community. The internet is a link to the whole world and all the needy in it. They can't find you if you never step up and reach out in a new way to them.

     Once you have a website you can do even more. It is simple to put links to audio or video files. What does this mean in ordinary language? If you record your sermons, you can make them accessible to anyone who has a computer anywhere in the world. This is not rocket science! We can show you easy ways to get started. And should we mention, this is a great way to get the youth of your church involved!

   This is such a great resouce for your church that it would be a tragedy not to take advantage of it. Most communities nowadays have a website that promotes local events, businesses, and churches. Get listed and put your website address on it. This is a great way to let people in your community know about your church and your people without them ever setting foot thruogh your doors. This is a great way to invite them through those same doors!  

     I know what you are thinking, " You had your specialists set up this site for you, and then tell us that we can do it ourselves, but we don't have your specialists on hand! "  but we can say with certainty that you can do it! This site was set up by one of our installers without any help from our computer or internet website specialists. You CAN do this! What's holding you back?