Dart Audio Video Enterprises

  Let's Be Bright And Clear When We

 Talk Projection! 

     When it comes to projectors for multimedia presentations, the two biggest mistakes that people make are not going bright enough (lumens) and not clear enough (contrast ratio).

     We understand that finances often dictate descisions when it comes to purchases. Far too often we have seen churches get in a hurry and buy projectors that are not right and then have to live with substandard performance. It is better to hold off a little and raise the funds to get the right projector than to go back to your commitee and explain that you made a mistake and need even more money to correct it. We all know how that goes!


     The right projector can be as clear and bright as watching your tv at home. The wrong projector can leave you looking at an image that is washed out and hard to see. There are enough people in every congregation that don't understand why we must spend so much to bring multimedia into our churches without giving them ammunition for their cause. When multimedia is done right, it is usually amazing at how the doubters change their tune.

      We have seen it time and time again. People see the words to songs and hymns clearly so they sing along. Then they see the scriptures that are being read or talked about on the screen clearly and they don't have to look down to follow along. This can easily be done with computer programs such as "Easy Worship" and keeps their attention up front and causes less distraction during the service. No longer is it necessary for the congregation to flip through pages of their hymnals or bibles to follow along with the service. This allows them to focus on the message, and that's what it's all about.

     When integrated with a computer, it allows you to use pressentation programs such as "Powerpoint" and integrate announcements that change automatically at a preset timed rate. These can be up on the screen when people are coming in to the sanctuary prior to service. It also allows you to insert video clips into your presentation. 

     When multimedia projectors are integrated with a nice sound system, it opens a lot of doors for your church. By simply adding an ordinary DVD player, some churches are adding a family movie night into their schedule. It is a great way to get families to spend more quality time together, and it is a great way to get the youth involved in activities within the church.

     We have the experience to help you in all of these areas of projection including training your personnel to get the most out of the equipment that you get.