Dart Audio Video Enterprises

      When it comes to recording your message quality counts!               


     It doesn't matter if you use tapes or cds, consistant quality of your recordings is what makes the difference. You want your recordings to be listened to and passed around, not gathering dust someplace.

     Have you ever popped in a tape or cd and were distracted by hiss, crackles or any number of other various noises? How about voices that were slightly distorted? Worse yet are the ones that you can't hear so you turn up the volume and then the speaker talks louder so you turn it down only to have to turn it up again a few moments later?

     These are all distractions that will get your recording put on the back shelf. But they are also easily corrected with training and the proper use of equipment.

          When you make quality recordings that are easy to listen to, people will listen, learn and pass them on to others they think might need them. There is power in God's word, but only to those who hear it. Give your messages the power to reach out beyond your walls. We want to help you make a difference.